John Chapman, Master Gardener
Your Personal Garden Coach - High-density, high-production gardens, even in small spaces
Increase Nutrition.  Decrease Chemicals.  Lower Food Costs.
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  • Vegetable and Fruit Garden Design

  • Harvest planning to ensure year-round fresh food supplies​ 

  • Garden Installation

  • Ongoing Seasonal Coaching

  • Semi-annual Planning / Planting Visits


"Properly plan and correctly install
your garden ONE TIME and
it will produce fresh, healthy food
for your family for many years to come!" 
~ John Chapman
Your Personal Gardening Coach

​Imagine harvesting fresh, delicious veggies like salad greens, herbs, tomatoes, peppers, carrots, melons and even sweet potatoes!  How about crisp apples, peaches, pears, plums as well as citrus like oranges and lemons?  You CAN do it! 

John's specialty is helping homeowners design and install custom, low-maintenance box and container gardens, that create a bountiful harvest of fresh fruits and vegetables, even in a very small amount of space.

Install it ONCE and have it produce delicious food for your family for MANY years to come!

90% Less Work than typical gardens!  

John’s specially designed gardens require 90% LESS WORK than typical gardens, which make them PERFECT for today’s busy families who never thought they could have a garden!  

LESS space, LESS soil, much MORE harvest.  

John's intensive, sequential harvest gardening method uses much less space while providing much more produce per square foot than traditional gardening in rows. 

Learn to grow up to 16 different vegetable plants growing simultaneously, per square foot!

When installed, most of John’s gardens use as little as 8-12 inches of soil, require very little tending and have an easy-to-use, automated watering system.  It’s almost like the garden is on auto-pilot! All you have to do is pick the harvest and enjoy!  

Why consider working with John?  

Save time and money.  Avoid years of costly and frustrating trial and error trying to use common gardening techniques that work elsewhere ... but not in our dry desert climate.

Gardening here can be challenging and requires very specific knowledge and techniques.  Since becoming a Master Gardener in 1991, John has continually honed his gardening techniques to maximize the year round harvest ... while minimizing the work involved! 

Save yourself years of costly trial and error!  

Call today and schedule John to visit to your home.  

You’ll be amazed to discover the places in your yard where you could add a beautiful, attractive garden that gives your family delicious fresh fruit and vegetables … year round!

John will guide you through the process of planning your garden as well as, installation, seasonal coaching, and ongoing tips for maximum harvest. Call now! 602-909-5557.

Save Money and
Insure your Food Supply
by growing up to 90% of your own fresh fruits and vegetables
year round, in your own
small city yard … right here
in the Phoenix desert! 

Call:  602-909-5557