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Increase Nutrition.  Decrease Chemicals.  Lower Food Costs.
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Food prices are skyrocketing
Can your own yard harvest
Kids eat more veggies when they grow them
Skyrocketing Food Prices
Save money on your food budget as costs increase due to rising fuel prices, draught and struggling economy.  Hedge against inflation.
Variety: Fruit & Veggies
Grow Organic for Less $
Fresh Tastes Best!
Why have your own Garden?  Lots of reasons!
Ensure your family's food supply! 
You'll have access to fresh food,
even in case of emergencies.
Plant ONLY the fruits and vegetables your family enjoys eating!
Reduce your Organic Food Costs
Control the growing process!
Limit or eliminate chemicals in soil, fertilizer and pesticides.  YOU decide!
Enjoy your harvest fresh picked
and can or freeze them for that same great taste later!
Make it a family affair!
When kids are involved in
gardening and get to eat the fresh picked fruits and veggies they helped to grow, its a good thing!
Insure your food supply
You can grow a wide variety of fresh food in your yard
Grow your own organic food for less
Fresh provides better nutrition

Fresh = Better Nutrition!
Industrial farming uses chemicals
Kids love gardening!
Industrial Farming
Efficient but uses herbicides,
pesticides, waxes.
Gardening is a great family activity!

Kids love gardening, especially at planting and harvest time!  Gets them to eat their veggies -- voluntarily!  
Teaches self-reliance and gives them a delicious reward for their efforts!

Call John to schedule a
visit to your home!  

Evaluate your yard.  See how easy it is to grow up to:

  • 90% of your fresh produce
  • with 90% less work
  • in much less space
  than traditional gardens!