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Here are some examples of recent work and pictures of the plentyful harvest you can grow in your desert yard ... even in the city!  The options are endless!  Grow your own fresh fruits and vegetables in a wide variety of containers including custom-sized boxes, beautiful pots and so much more.  Here are some ideas for your yard!
Wide variety of vegetables
John Chapman in the garden
Tomatoes growing vertically in a container
Mixed salad greens deliver for many months
Variety of vegetables you can grow!
4x8 garden box
Peas on a trellis
Box gardens of green beans, carrots, radishes and more
Six mixed greens lettuce and a fragrant basil
Swiss chard and miscellaneous greens
Fresh strawberries
Plum tree
Yard fruit orchard
Fruit trees beautify landscape
Four fruit trees planted in the same hole for maximum production
John in his favorite place.  The garden!
Juicy plums!
Bountiful peach crop
Juicing oranges
Pink grapefruit
Dark green lettuces
Sweet potatoes, yams and squash
Varieties of carrots
Green beans
Mixed salad greens and tangerines
Fresh salad greens with citrus
Harvest basket
Squash, tomatoes, carrots, cabbage
Green peppers
Colorful peppers
Leeks, cucumbers, sweet corn
Yard fruit tree
Kids love to pick fresh veggies!
Kids love gardening
Nature's colors
Make eating fresh food from your garden a family affair!
Learning about planting seeds is fun!
Cutest little gardner
Entire gardening tool kit
Complete garden in pots
Save thousands
on your food costs.

You can start growing your own fresh fruit and veggies now!

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